United Concordia Dental – 2018 Dental Solutions Report - 9

For over 45 years, United Concordia Dental has been transforming the dental insurance
industry. We're driven by a simple truth: a healthy mouth is a vital component of a healthy
body. By providing quality, innovative and easy-to-use dental plans, we enable our members to
access oral health care through one of the largest dental networks in the nation. We're committed
to healthier mouths for healthier lives. We're all about dental.


to Change Behavior: A Case Study
United Concordia partnered with Highmark Inc. to show that targeted outreach can
motivate members to take full advantage of their dental benefits and get the oral
care needed to help stay as healthy as possible.
Our Goal: Use targeted outreach to influence members to go to the dentist
and discuss their oral health, ultimately maximizing their use of the Smile for
Health®-Wellness benefit.
Our Targets: 8,747 members who are registered for Smile for Health®-Wellness.
Our Methods: Member communications included:


emails sent



postcards delivered

calls made

For members who had not
regularly visited the dentist in the
past, this outreach proved successful:

Within 3 months after outreach:

Within 9 months after outreach:

The # of members
who visited the
dentist approximately
doubled to 2,600

The # of members
who visited the
dentist approximately
tripled to 3,900

People with severe gum disease have

1.4x as many chronic medical
conditions than those who do not.
That's why we're committed to oral wellness.



$84 billion

is lost each year by U.S. businesses
due to absenteeism and decreased
productivity caused by employee
health problems.4

d other details still apply. Sources: 1. Prevent Oral Health Problems: Visit a Dentist Twice a Year; Academy of General Dentistry; 2012. 2. Dispelling Myth About Gum Disease; American Academy of Periodontology; 2010.
Gallup-Healthways; May 2013. 5. Periodontal disease and systemic conditions: a bidirectional relationship; Odontology; September 2006.

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