United Concordia Dental – 2018 Dental Solutions Report - 7

With more than 45 years of experience and armed with the expertise
that comes from being all about dental, United Concordia Dental is
elevating our outreach to customers.


e're using our knowledge to help
individuals find dentists in their area
and encouraging members to visit the
dentist regularly, targeting health awareness and
motivation issues.
Our team of oral wellness consultants is educating
employers and members on the importance of using
their dental benefits for screening, prevention and
The oral wellness consultants partner with an
employer's medical insurance carrier and wellness
vendor's health initiatives, delivering education to
members about the value of dental care and coverage
to their overall health and well-being.
Our dental products and services can easily be
integrated with medical insurance plans, and our
extensive network reach provides convenient access
to in-network dentists across the country.
We're also working with partner companies who
share our commitment to improving oral and overall
health outcomes.
Together, we're examining how visiting the dentist
more often can impact a person's overall health.
By collaborating with experts in the medical and
dental fields, we continue to search for the best ways
to improve overall health.
Educating our customers and the general public about
the importance of oral wellness, and its relationship
to one's overall health, is an ongoing journey. But the

benefits to our customers, in terms of positive health
outcomes and potentially lower medical expenses, are
more than worth the efforts.
Through our community and charitable outreach efforts,
we're sharing our expertise with organizations who are
advancing meaningful changes.
In both 2017 and 2018, United Concordia Dental
provided scholarships to dental and dental hygiene
students across the United States.
We also sponsored many organizations that provided
free dental care worth millions of dollars to thousands
of people who lack dental insurance. These sponsorships
included Mission of Mercy dental clinics; free dental
clinics conducted with the California Dental Association;
and free "TeamSmile" events presented by Major League
Baseball's Pittsburgh Pirates and Tampa Bay Rays.

We're using targeted
outreach to motivate
members to take full
advantage of their
dental benefits and
get the oral care they
need. See infographic
on pages 8-9.


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