United Concordia Dental – 2018 Dental Solutions Report - 5

United Concordia Dental is a founding member of the Harvard School
of Dental Medicine's Initiative to Integrate Oral Health and Medicine.
We're working with leading academic and research institutions on
studies that explore the many ways better dental health can impact
the entire body.


s a leading dental solutions company, we're
committed to helping our members live
healthier, more productive lives. We strongly
believe that healthy mouths lead to healthy bodies, and
we've designed our dental benefits plans to reinforce
this connection.
United Concordia is elevating the conversation as we
illustrate the importance of oral and overall wellness,
promoting the impact regular dental care can have on
a person's health and well-being.
Working closely with our parent company, Highmark Inc.,
we're using an integrated approach at our U.S.-based
operations that combines dental and medical plans.
United Concordia also is leading the way with groundbreaking research that demonstrates how important
the dental-medical connection is to overall wellness.
We are collaborating with experts in both the medical
and dental industries about the best ways to enhance
patient care.
United Concordia CEO and Chairman of the Board
Chip Merkel and Chief Dental Officer Dr. Quinn
Dufurrena, D.D.S., J.D., serve as members of the
Harvard School of Dental Medicine Dean's Advisory
Board. We're participating in research projects that
promote the integration of oral care and medical
treatment, and helping shape our industry's
response to a changing health care marketplace.
Our next study will examine how going to the dentist
regularly may decrease the likelihood of respiratory
infections such as bronchitis and pneumonia. We'll

continue to look for ways to help employers reduce
costs and provide the type of benefits that lead
members to healthier lives and increased productivity.
All of us at United Concordia understand our
obligation to meeting the needs of our customers.
And we embrace the challenge of advancing a
better understanding of oral care issues that impact
society as a whole.

United Concordia
Dental's most recent
white paper, The Value
of Going to the Dentist
for Patients with Chronic
Conditions, studied
the benefits of regular
oral care for patients
with chronic health
Here's what we found:
* Those with certain chronic conditions will
see value in maintaining a consistent regimen
of dental care and preventive maintenance.
* Regular use of preventive dental benefits
helps to prevent dental disease and may
reduce medical expenses over time.


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