United Concordia Dental – 2018 Dental Solutions Report - 3

At United Concordia Dental, our customers know their needs
are always at the top of our priority list.


s an industry leader that has been all about dental
for more than 45 years, we're committed to
making sure our customers receive the best
products, services and overall value we can deliver.
We're proud of our accomplishments, but we're
concentrating on the future. We are always seeking
opportunities to elevate our performance.
By focusing on the connection between oral and overall
health, and investing in approaches that reinforce the
integration of dental and medical care, we are using
our expertise to benefit the people with whom we
do business.
We've long believed that receiving regular dental care
can help people enjoy not only lasting oral health,
but also better overall health. Healthy mouths lead to
healthy bodies.
As a dental thought leader, we're making business
decisions that are backed by original research. Our latest
white paper, The Value of Going to the Dentist for Patients
with Chronic Conditions, builds upon two previous
studies we've done. This study examines the potential
benefits of regular oral care for people with chronic
diseases like diabetes and heart disease.
Our research confirms the importance of the medical-
dental connection, which is why we encourage
members to make more use of their dental plans.
People who use a dental plan at least twice a year can
experience better oral and overall well-being.
Another way in which we are elevating our performance
is by building one of the industry's largest accredited
networks of high-quality dentists. We're working to
further grow the size of our network, offering our
members broad access and market-leading discounts
that can lower their out-of-pocket expenses.
We greatly value our special relationship with military
members and their families, for whom we've provided

dental benefits for more than 20 years. This year,
changes in the TRICARE Retiree Dental Program (TRDP)
are opening new doors for us to grow. We're focusing
our outreach on military retirees in the TRDP who will
become eligible this year for the Federal Employees
Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP).
It is a population we understand, and we are confident
our innovative products, large network and personalized
customer service will help us attract a large share of
these newly eligible members. The federal employees
who make up our current FEDVIP membership have
come to expect a high level of attention and service
from us, and we're committed to extending that
performance to our new members.
At United Concordia, we are always looking to elevate
our efforts to meet the next challenge. As we share our
knowledge and expertise, we continue to learn from
the latest research, industry trends and technology,
increasing the value we provide to all of our customers.
Thank you for your confidence and support.

F.G. "Chip" Merkel
Executive Vice President, Diversified Businesses
Highmark Inc.
Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board
United Concordia Dental

Tim Constantine
President and Chief Operating Officer
United Concordia Dental


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