United Concordia Dental – 2018 Dental Solutions Report - 15

United Concordia Dental remains focused on delivering value for
1.6 million eligible active duty service members through the Active
Duty Dental Program (ADDP). We also provide dental insurance
for 1.8 million active duty family members and National Guard
and Reserve members and their families who participate in the
TRICARE Dental Program (TDP).


ith more than 20 years of experience
providing dental benefits to military
members and their families, United
Concordia Dental has gained a deep understanding
of the military community and its particular needs.
Now, we're elevating our commitment to this population
and pursuing new opportunities to serve additional
members under Government-sponsored plans.
Changes in the TRICARE Retiree Dental Program (TRDP)
are creating new opportunities for us, as we reach out
to military retirees in the TRDP who will become eligible
this year for the Federal Employees Dental and Vision
Insurance Program (FEDVIP).
We never lose sight of our obligation to serve military
members and their families, veterans and Government
employees who have entrusted us to provide their
dental coverage.

We understand how important it is to be responsive
to the needs of those who serve our country.
By offering innovative products, a large and stable
network of dentists, backed by strong, responsive
customer service, we make sure military members and
their families receive the high-quality care they deserve.
Our support of military members and their families
extends beyond administering dental benefits. We are
very proud of our philanthropic program, which in 2018
provided financial support to numerous organizations
that assist the military community, including:
* Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA), a
congressionally chartered service organization
that assists military veterans who have experienced
spinal cord injuries or disorders, or mobility
dysfunction. PVA supports adaptive sports,
employment, research advances, health care and
accessible design for people with disabilities.
* Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors
(TAPS), which provides compassionate care to
families and friends who are grieving the loss of a
military member. TAPS conducts national military
survivor seminars and "good grief" camps at military
installations around the country.
Serving the military community is a broad-based
responsibility. But as new opportunities become
available, our knowledge, passion and demonstrated
performance give us confidence that we are ready to
meet new challenges.


https://www.unitedconcordia.com/dental-insurance/government/ https://www.unitedconcordia.com/dental-insurance/government/ https://www.unitedconcordia.com/dental-insurance/government/

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