United Concordia Dental – 2018 Dental Solutions Report - 11

United Concordia Dental is elevating the power of our network
solutions by focusing on growth, access and affordability. We're
committed to being the industry leader in offering our customers
access to high-quality, cost-effective care.


strong network of dentists is crucial to our
efforts to attract and retain business. We offer
our customers dental network solutions that
meet their needs, providing broad access to dentists
located where they live and work, and delivering
market-leading discounts.
As important as it is to have a large network,
quality remains our first priority. We're guided
by robust quality benchmarks and are committed
to employing industry best practices for network
management, provider credentialing, consumer
protection and quality of care management.
In 2013, United Concordia became one of the first
dental insurers to receive Utilization Review
Accreditation Committee (URAC) Health Network
Accreditation, and in 2016 we received three-year
URAC reaccreditation. Only three dental insurers
have received this accreditation, which is the
dental equivalent of the medical industry's
National Committee on Quality Assurance
(NCQA) standard.
Currently, we contract with 127,000 unique
dentists at more than 400,000 access
points. But we're setting our sights even
higher, focusing our efforts on areas that

matter most to our customers. We are employing
strategies to elevate the reach and effectiveness of
our network.
Growing a network that is already large requires
creative approaches. While United Concordia expands
access to quality dental care, we also negotiate optimal
discounts in our key markets. This is a powerful
combination that benefits our customers.
By reducing overall costs, we can deliver increased value
and lower out-of-pocket expenses for our members.
United Concordia works to ensure that we can offer
far-reaching network coverage for all of our markets
and key customers.
This includes making sure that we're meeting the
access needs of our Medicare and Medicaid customers,
as well as Government and military members and
their families.
We are entrusted by the Government entities
sponsoring these plans to provide extensive
access to high-quality dentists at an
affordable price. These are important
business segments for United Concordia,
and we are committed to delivering
maximum value.


https://www.unitedconcordia.com/dental-insurance/about/urac-accreditation/ https://www.unitedconcordia.com/dental-insurance/about/urac-accreditation/ https://www.unitedconcordia.com/dental-insurance/about/urac-accreditation/

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