United Concordia Dental – 2018 Dental Solutions Report - 1

United Concordia Dental is constantly seeking
new and better ways to bring value to members,
employers, producers, dentists and partners.
In an environment of rapidly changing expectations, we don't
settle for the status quo, and neither do our customers.
We're elevating our performance so you can elevate yours.
We're educating customers about the importance of dental
care to their overall health and well-being.
We're using what we've learned from leading-edge research
to explore the benefits of regular oral care for people with
chronic health conditions.
We're elevating the power of our network solutions, giving
members broad access to high-quality, cost-effective care.
We're using new tools and approaches to elevate the quality
of service we provide.
We're building on more than 20 years of service to military
members and their families to elevate our commitment to them.
Our customers come first, and we'll continue elevating our
performance to deliver dental solutions, plan designs and
service that exceed their expectations.



Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of United Concordia Dental – 2018 Dental Solutions Report